Self-serving College Football Elite Got What They Wanted


The self-serving college football elite got what they wanted: An end to the UCF Cinderella Knights’ remarkable 25-game regular season winning streak. It ended Saturday in Pittsburgh with a one-point, 35-34, last-minute escape by the Pitt Panthers, a certified member of one of the so-called Power Five conferences. For more than two years, the Knights … Read more

The George Bush I Came to Know


During those checkered three decades when I avoided real work by, instead, writing sports columns and books, I was privileged to have interaction with many famous and powerful individuals. Among the most impactful and telling were those several times when I shared moments with the late George H.W. Bush. Those moments spawned and increasingly confirmed … Read more

Reflections on Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer, no longer with us, still stands tall as an example of what we should all strive to be. He became one of the most endearing and trusted sports figures of all time, a status he parlayed into massive endorsement income long after his playing days were over. Arnie passed Sunday afternoon at the age of … Read more

Goofygolf at the U.S. Open

Goofygolf at the US Open

Curley, Larry and Moe are alive and well, running the United States Goofygolf Association. Good for Dustin Johnson to fight through all of his past demons, putting yips, a mid-round mindless penalty ruling by the USGA goonies and the usual tricked-up Open course. The goonies can now go back to their law offices and boardrooms, … Read more